26 June 2023

The Loire at Saint-Dyé, near Chambord

This is a panoramic view of a bend in the Loire river at Saint-Dyé, just three miles north of  the Château de Chambord and eight miles upriver from Blois. The panorama is a composite image that I created in Photoshop by stitching together three or four separate photos that I had taken. Click on it with your mouse or touch it on your tablet screen to enlarge it. The summer of 2004 was one of the best we've had so far in Saint-Aignan, weather-wise. It was the year of our first vegetable garden here, and the garden was a big success.

I finally got an e-mail from the French tax office in Blois telling me that I'm doing the right thing by waiting for the activation code for my "professional space from them, which is being sent by snail mail (as we used to call it). They also said that the deadline for filing has been pushed back to July 31. Every owner of real estate in France, whether resident or non-resident, is required to file the new déclaration d'occupation. While residents can file on-line using their French tax ID number on impots.gouv.fr, non-residents have to contact their local tax office to set it up. That is according to an article in France Insider, an on-line newsletter covering French property ownership issues.


  1. It’s good news that you got an answer from the French tax office ; I, myself, might get an answer from my own tax office. I keep my fingers crossed. It’s a good thing that the deadline is now 31 July.
    That stitching feature is really great. I remember we did use it with pictures taken in the SoCal desert. Memories of Box Canyon! I have somewhere a really good picture of Collette taken inside it.That was how many years ago…? I bought Frank’s sister’s house in Feb. 1997 !

    1. I think the first time Walt and I drove down to Salton City was in 1998. That was before I had a digital camera.

  2. Always a relief to hear back from the French authorities that you are on the right track. Amazing job of "stitching" together that panorama of the Loire. It's seamless, and the clouds are beautiful.

  3. Hi Ken, glad you found the article useful. It sounds like you’re getting things sorted. Amazingly beautiful photo.

  4. Wow, that photo is something else, and really helps give the feel of what it must have looked like for you. That sky is amazing!
    Glad you're getting settled with that occupation declaration thing.... whew!


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