21 June 2023

Stormy weather

It's not unusual for us to have some heavy summertime weather here in the Saint-Aignan area. These are some pictures from June 2007 that I found in my archives this morning.

This is vineyard behind our house, just outside Saint-Aignan. Our house is the boxy one on the left in the first photo above and in the fourth photo below.

Yesterday the worst storms were in the southwest, including Basque Country and the foothills of the Pyrenees where there were violent hailstorms. In the village called Espelette, where spicy red peppers are the local specialty crop, there was heavy damage. That's what I fear the most: hail. So do the grape-growers of the Loire Valley.


  1. Fingers crossed for a hail free summer.

  2. Dramatic skies. Hail makes for roof problems and is not user friendly to the body of a car.

    1. Our Citroén sleeps in the garage, and our Peugeot under a car port, so we are pretty safe as far as the cars are concerned.

  3. It must be so hard to be a farmer, having to deal with who-knows-what, from Mother Nature. Glad you didn't get hail!

  4. No hail so far. I'm glad I don't have to make a living as a farmer or grape-grower.


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