21 April 2022

Suddenly it's summer

It's felt like summer for a few days now. Who knows how long it will last? The trees have sprouted leaves and blossoms. The sun shines every day. The grass is mowed (thanks to Walt). The heat doesn't run all day.
This is weather you just want to enjoy. Still, there's work to be done outdoors.

Of course we're still waiting for the contractor who has promised to come this spring and renovate our front terrace
to start the job. A couple of weeks ago he said he was just waiting for the weather to dry out and warm up. Okay...

We're lucky these red maples just off the front terrace haven't died. So many trees have died over the past couple of years. Many more have been cut down and the wood "harvested" — a neighbor told me that companies are paying property owners good prices for wood that they are turning into pellets that can be burned in wood stoves.
Prices for other heating fuels — electricity, fuel oil, and gas — are very high now.


  1. It isn't actually pellets... they have to be a certain quality of resinous pinewood.... but Plaquettes... woodchips to thee'n'me... it can be any wood... in fact, as opposed to pellet burners, the woodchip ones have the same requirement as the log burners for a mixture of woods.... some log burners can also use woodchip.
    But, basically, yes... wood for central heating.
    However, environmentally it is bad as all the "lop'n'top" that is normally left, goes for chips.... but, if the larger patches are allowed to grow back, as seems to be the case around here, the scrubland will be good for small birds... though the soil will gradually be depleted of humus and minerals that it recuperated when "lop'n'top" was left to rot down on site.... it won't become desert for a few generations......

  2. It is so nice once everything starts blooming!


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