22 April 2022

Looking into the apple tree, and into the future

Our days of fine weather are about to end, at least temporarily. It looks like we'll have a wet weekend, and maybe some thunder and lightning tomorrow. Then on Sunday, as rain continues, the temperature is supposed to start dropping. By Monday, instead of today's high of about 68ºF, we'll see a high temperature of 57ºF. I'm not looking forward to that, but we do need some rain.

Of the two apple trees we have left in the yard, this one produces by far the best apples. Behind the pommier, above and below, you can see the garden plot. It's not yet prepared for planting, and the tiller is in the shop for service and repairs.

Last year we had a freeze in mid-April that pretty much killed off our apple crop. This year, we've been luckier, and we're hoping to get a ton of apples for tarts, crumbles, sauce, and just eating raw.

Wish us and the pommiers bonne chance !


  1. Good Luck and a bountiful harvest

  2. Hoping for a good garden for you this year! I really like seeing the trees in your yard. Our backyard oak tree has beautiful new leaves to enjoy- a spring green which lasts only a short time.

  3. Bonne chance!
    Beautiful apple blossoms.

  4. I could imagine a grand picnic under that apple tree if only your weather would cooperate!
    Those blooms are so representative of the spring around here, too! My wild cherry tree is still sending blooms all over and the new spring green from the other scrub oak and others are hiding the windows of the neighbor's homes (I've been looking forward to that!)


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