07 June 2019

Carteret beaches and scenes

This slideshow is made up of photos that I took on a clear, windy day in May 2005 at Carteret on the western Normandy coast. It is made up of 16 photos and takes 1m20s to view.

The show starts at the now disaffected train station. It shows Carteret's two churches, the post office, and the dog we lived with at the time. Collette was with us from 1992 until 2006, and she made the move from California at the age of 11. She always loved going to run at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, and she enjoyed the broad sandy beaches at Carteret too.


  1. This was my favorite slide show so far. It had is all- the ocean, churches, that pretty metal door overhang and best of all Collette looking so happy!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love those wide, sandy beaches! And Colette was a gorgeous dog by the look of it - beautiful chestnut-coloured(?) fur! Thank you, Ken.


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