10 February 2019

Rouen 1998 slideshow

I have a lot of photos of Rouen left from the 1998 set, so I've decided to post some of them as a two-minute slideshow. Rouen is a big city in Normandy located about an hour northwest of Paris. I lived there for a year back in the early 1970's and have always enjoyed going back there to re-acquaint myself with the place, as I did in 1998. Looking back through this blog, it seems that the last time I was in Rouen was in 2010.

The church with the tall iron steeple is the cathedral in Rouen. The one with the single, elaborate tower is the Église Saint-Maclou, and the one with two pointed towers is the Église Saint-Ouen. The funerary masks are in the cathedral, and I believe the third one in the show is supposed to be Richard the Lionhearted, who was King Richard I of England.

The window with colored glass panes is in the Tour Jeanne-d'Arc, I'm pretty sure, and the kind of blurry image after it is a photo I took through one of those panes of glass. Rouen nowadays has a modern tramway system that runs underground in the old historic district and at street level in outlying neighborhoods.


  1. That's a nice slide show, Ken. Is the first photo a window with lace covering it? It's pretty.

    1. I do think that's a curtain on the porthole window, but I don't remember at all where in Rouen I took the photo.

  2. Oh, I was thinking that it was etched into the glass, but you're probably right, Evelyn.
    So much half-timbered architecture in Rouen, which I love to see. I noticed the Plantagenet flag in one of the photos, too.
    Thanks for these, Ken.


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