02 February 2019

Sauvé !

Yesterday I found two more CDs of full of photos from 1998 in my collection. They were photos taken with a 1996-vintage Kodak DC50 camera. One of them had on it a set of pictures I took on a trip to Paris in May and June that year. The photos were in an old proprietary Kodak digital camera format (KDC) that few of today's photo-editing applications (not even Photoshop) can read.

An old deuche at Odéon,
June 1998

For an hour or two, I tried to find an application that could convert these KDC files to today's standard for blogs and the web, which the JPG format. I found one that could convert the files, but only one at a time. It didn't provide for batch processing, which Photoshop can do. And there were about 350 photos to process. I figured that it was going to take me week or more of work to process them one by one.

For me, memories of a fun dinner with Walt in the early 1990s

And then I looked at the second CD I had found. Well, it turned out that it contained an identical set of the KDC photos, but in BMP format. That's a format that Photoshop can read, and that can be processed as a batch to produce a set of JPG images. J'étais sauvé !

If you remember these old pissotières, you are a Paris veteran.

I wanted to enlarge and enhance these old images, because they bring back such good memories. I don't know whether I myself converted them from KDC to BMP 20 years ago, or whether CHM converted them for me. Either way, now I have them. There are many more photos on the disk than I remember taking on that trip 20 years ago.

Decisions, decisions...

I'm posting a few of the photos here just as they came out of the automatic batch processing that is feature in Photoshop (Elements). I haven't retouched them otherwise — I've just posted them here. Remember, they are 20-year-old digital photos. That means they were taken in the early days of digital photography. I think they're not bad, considering.

European champion of "white sausage"!


  1. I've been about a similar process, converting old .ram .rm .ra files to Mpeg4. Also uploading all photos to cloud storage. I have .exe files from a webcam that cannot be converted. I get a bit annoyed about things becoming redundant. A big argument here now is new cars not having CD players.

  2. Today is crêpes day!

    À la Chandeleur, l'hiver finit ou reprend rigueur.

    Wonder what that rodent in Pennsylvania will tell us? I'm sick of it already!

    1. This just in - the groundhog says there will be an early Spring!

    2. De rien. But of course, it was an American groundhog in America. I'm not sure it applies to France.

  3. especially love the first one...these r great

  4. Great photos. The one of Polidor brings back memories.

  5. These are wonderful!
    The first one would make an excellent 1000-piece puzzle for Tony.

  6. And just think of how old the little one in the stroller is now :)

  7. Had to Google pissotières. It pretty much is what I guessed. It's interesting how vintage these images already look after 20 years. The guy shopping looks like he's in pajama bottoms. That btw is a trend here in CA, wearing pjs in public.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if, like so many things, that trend started in California. But it certainly has spread. I see it often here in New England.


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