27 February 2019


That's the verb "to sit" in French. To seat oneself. When you've been walking around Paris for hours, you just want to find a nice place to sit. Here are three examples of places you might choose when you want to take a load off your feet.

L'Église du Dôme aux Invalides.

Vous reconnaîtrez la Tour Eiffel ci-dessous.

Don't feel too special just because you're sitting in Paris and somebody else isn't. As Michel de Montaigne, the Renaissance author of Les Essais, wrote: « Sur le plus beau trône du monde, on n’est jamais assis que sur son cul ! » Can you translate that?

These are more photos from 1998.


  1. I love the quote from Montaigne. J'adore. And it is so true!

  2. Ha ha, yes, I can, and it's hilarious :)

  3. I think even I get the quote lol. I love the vibrant colors in that first photo!


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