20 May 2016

Blois: the new railway overpass for pedestrians and cyclists

One of the newest features of the train station in Blois — la gare de Blois-Chambord — is an imposting pedestrian and bicycle bridge that connects residential neighborhoods on the northwest side of the rail line to the hostoric center of the town to the southeast.

It also provides access to the station's platforms for travelers who are getting ready to take a train or have just arrived on one. There are several elevators as well as a wide, gradually sloped ramp for bicycles. For those who want, stairs are provided as well. There are also good views from the footbridge.

Before the bridge was built, travelers had to walk down a set of stairs into an underground passageway and then back up another set of stairs to get to the departure and arrival platforms. There were no elevators or escalators, and for people carrying heavy baggage it was not an easy process.

Now you can take an elevator or the stairs (or the bicycle ramp) up to the pedestrian bridge and then take an elevator back down to the platform your train is leaving from — or vice-versa if you are arriving at Blois by train. The new bridge lends a touch of modernity to the old train station, both esthetically and functionally. I hope it ages well.


  1. Are there that many bikes? I would think it's great for people with roller bags.

    1. One purpose of the passerelle is to link residential neighborhoods on one side of the train station to the business district on the other side, and I imagine a good number of people do ride bikes over it. Maybe scooters too.

  2. Wow, that is a really big improvement for people with luggage. I remember you mentioning this another time -- maybe it was still under construction then?

  3. Remember that I happened to be at the Blois train station last summer when a local news show was interviewing people about their opinion of the new footbridge. Here's my blog post about it.

  4. It looks amazing and how nice that it is built with everyone in mind ... so many other cities all over the world ( USA) could keep that in mind.

  5. I'd like to see le peloton on that!

  6. That's terrific and appears to be well thought-out. I especially like that it's so inclusive .


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