09 April 2014

The state bird, the state flower, and a state park

Every U.S. state has a state bird and a state flower. Some probably have a state insect and a state seashell. North Carolina's state bird is the cardinal. The male is bright red. My photo is kind of blurry, but it was the best I could do in rainy weather.

The N.C. state flower is the dogwood. They are starting to bloom now. The dogwood is a small flowering tree. I think this one is Cornus florida. But don't quote me.

My friends Lewis and Evelyn had a good day. The rain held off and we took a nice walk around the old town of Beaufort, N.C., including a look around the old burial ground. Then we drove to Harker's Island and saw the visitors center and a video about the area at the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

In the afternoon, we toured Fort Macon, an 1830s-era fortification at Beaufort Inlet, on the east end of the barrier island called Bogue Banks. My mother came with us. With my sister, we had dinner at Clawson's Emporium and Restaurant on the Beaufort waterfront.

Here, for those of you who know them, is a photo of Evelyn and Lewis taken at Fort Macon. We've been friends for l0 years now, and we owe that to the Internet.


  1. Some states do indeed have state insects, although many of them duplicate the same species (Monarch butterflies and honey bees are particularly popular).

  2. Hi Evelyn and Lewis. You look as good as ever. Enjoy your stay in North Carolina with your friends.

  3. Love that cardinal! My favorite bird, my favorite baseball team :) And, I love dogwoods. And... I love that Evelyn and Lewis are making an appearance on your blog today!

  4. Ken's hometown is a beautiful place with so much history. I would never have known him, his family or you guys-Ken's blog friends, if it weren't for the internet. Thanks for the compliment, CHM- my hair color has changed from ten years ago lol

  5. I have been busy and forgot to look at my blogs yesterday. How cool to have Evelyn and Lewis visiting you! I have never seen
    dogwoods. I sure hope I do one day. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Hi Ken! Glad you are back in the States visiting family and friends. It looks like you had a good visit with Evelyn and Lewis.

    I hope that you and Walt have been doing well. I enjoyed our time together in France. Linda


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