12 April 2014

I forgot

I forgot to write a blog post yesterday! I'm several hours late posting. I guess I was busy and having a good time. So, quickly, here are four houses I  noticed in Beaufort, North Carolina, over the past week:

 This one is a gîte or vacation rental property.

This one is a restaurant and B & B called The Cedars.

This one is a restaurant located on the boardwalk along the Beaufort waterfront.

And this one is another B & B, located on a side street just off Front Street.

Yesterday, my sister and I drove down to the city of Wilmington, N.C. — metro area population 260,000, which makes it the size of Tours — to have lunch with a friend down there. It's about a 90-minute drive each way. The temperature was right at 80ºF (27ºC) and we enjoyed the ride in my sister's convertible, with the top down. I was too busy to take any photos.


  1. You are forgiven, because these houses are really gorgeous.

    We've had the same kind of weather in NoVa. Spring, at last!

  2. So true, chm!
    My mom is here with me this morning, and as soon as I showed her your first photo, she said, "Oh, that's nice. That's really nice." Then, when she saw the restaurant/inn on the boardwalk, she said, "Oh, that is so tempting!" I agree.
    This all reminds me a bit of Cape May, NJ, where there are so many big Victorian homes along the water, serving as hotels and B&Bs.

  3. What a beautiful town, I am going to have to visit!!!

  4. These are beautiful houses.
    I would have liked to see a pic of Ken, cheveux au vent :-), in that convertible.

    1. Great Idea~! Is there still time to get a photo of you in the rag-top, Ken? Please...pretty please!!!

      I miss having one. Especially today - it might even get up to the high 70's here in Eugene!

      Mary in Oregon

  5. Ken, when A saw these houses and said "we should go there"! I said we should go next year when Ken visits….but first France!

  6. One nice thing about Beaufort is its small size, you can see a lot just walking around. A boat ride would also be nice- a chance to see what the town looks like from Taylor Creek. I'm glad you got some good weather. It is very nice here in Alabama today as well. I hope you'll show us some photos from Wilmington, I've never been there....yet.

    1. E., I didn't take any photos in Wilmington. Sorry. Next time.


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