27 April 2014

Lilacs and irises

It must be because we had such a mild winter, and so much rain. The lilac bush that we planted a few years ago has flowers on it, even though this was supposed to be an off-year. It flowered last year, so we didn't expect to see any lilacs in 2014.

The irises are more predictable. They were planted in different spots around the yard when we got here eleven years ago, and they produce a lot of big bluish flowers every spring. Maybe there are more iris blossoms than in past years. Again, the profusion has to be weather-related

The forecast is for light rain all day long today. Yesterday morning, when the bread lady came by, I went out to buy a baguette. I looked up toward the sky. « C'est gris » was all la porteuse de pain had to say about the situation.


  1. Lilacs and Irises, two of my favourite flowers. Lilacs remind me of my childhood - although their fragrance gives me a headache when placed inside. And irises always remind me of June holidays in France. Thanks for posting the photos. Enjoy them! Martine

  2. Hi Ken, if you had looked up at the sky in Morehead yesterday, the comment
    probably would have been "c'est noir." Sounds like the tornado damage in NC
    was serious.
    Wonderful color on that lilac.

  3. The irises must be propagating also underground and now shoots are flowering.
    C'est gris hère also

  4. Pas gris ici, aujourd'hui. Bravo for the lilac. Our fig tree is sprouting leaves in a few spots, not from buds that I can tell. The leaves are coming from intersections of branch and twig- it's a Spring miracle.

  5. Ahhhhh..... your lovely spring flowers :)
    We have a line along the front of our yard of alternating lilacs and rose of sharon. The lilacs are in the best bloom so far of the 4 springs we've lived here. I loooove having them! I walk outside just to look at them. There are supposed to be severe wind and thunderstorm events here in our area today and tomorrow, so I imagine they'll look rather worse for the wear after.

    Yikes! I see that Morehead City is mentioned in the news reports now, for tornado damage... hoping they're just reporting from there.

  6. These two flowers characterised our recent holiday. They were everywhere!
    The different colours were a sight to behold.

  7. J'adore ces photos ! Bravo !
    Toute la végétation est en avance cette année, mon "choysia ternata"/oranger du Mexique est déjà tout fleuri ;-) !!!
    Bises à vous deux !

  8. Just heard about the tornadoes near Morehead City. Hope your mother and your family are safe and sound.

    1. CHM, I talked to MA yesterday afternoon. No problems in Morehead, weather-wise. She said the weekend had been beautiful.

  9. Both spring and autumn bring their special colours to the land.

  10. That lilac is stunning. My mother thought it was bad luck to bring lilac into a house. But then she thought that about most flowers! My ex-colleague from Georgia loved lilacs and nursed some plants of named varieties for ages in her garden in England, but none survived. Our lilacs thrive on neglect. P.


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