25 April 2014

Plums this year?

Maybe the rain we've had overnight — it's still falling — will plump them up. I planted the tree three or four years ago, and this year is the first time I've seen so many plums growing on it.

The plum tree grows at the back corner of our yard, just on the edge of the vineyard.

I planted the tree — two trees, really, that are growing together — as an experiment. And I planted them as much for their white springtime flowers and dark red foliage as for any fruit I might get. I grew them from pits that came from our neighbors' plum tree, but the plums are completely different from the ones on their tree.

One skinny plum...

Right now, for example, the plums on their tree are still green. The ones on my tree are dark red, as you can see. As I said, maybe some rain and then some sun will plump them up and ripen them this spring. Over the years, the crop has always been scant.

...among many

They are wild plums, I guess. That means the trees are hardy, and the plums are small. Another neighbor of ours has a huge tree of the same kind in his yard. I haven't yet walked over to see if it is also full of little red plums this year.


  1. It will be interesting to find out if you will have a bumper crop and what they are going to taste like!

  2. I never paid much attention to flowering fruit trees, until I started reading your blog, Ken :) They're a great summer addition!

  3. Time will tell! I still remember how delicious those yellow plums were- I think they were growing wild between you and the vines.

  4. Hi Judy, about the employé au pair question on Facebook, I don't really remember what the hours and conditions for au pairs were in 1981-82. I did some googling this week and I saw the 30-hour work week specified now. In those Alma days, I had my hands full with Mme Cornille at the pension and other "hosts" or "families" who took in students. You who were au pairs were really on your own.

  5. Ken,

    OT: using VPN I have managed to get the France 2 : Un jour , Un destin.
    Interesting life story …still have to watch the interview that followed the documentary .

  6. C'est aux USA qu'elles doivent faire le plus d'heures par semaine (45 hours per week maximum) :



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