30 April 2014

Le Grand-Pressigny: seven photos

There was some discussion on Days on the Claise last week about the new Musée de la Préhistoire building at Le Grand-Pressigny. Some said it looked like a bunker or blockhouse in one of the photos posted there. All seemed to agree that the interior of the new museum building was very nice, even if the exterior put some off.

Above is a photo I took a year or two ago that shows the museum building from a different angle. I'm standing north of the château complex, looking back toward the town. The château was in ruins long before the new museum building was added.

If I'm not mistaken, the new museum building has been added on to this side of an older building on the property, photographed in 2006. It's the Logis Seigneurial constructed in the 16th century and its proportions look pretty classical to me.

The older-still and taller towers framing the museum building date back to the 12th century. The Michelin green guide says there's a very impressive view from the top of the round tower, called the Tour Vironne. I've never been up there. Has anyone reading this seen that view?

Finally, these last four photos are just detail shots of the Grand-Pressigny château complex. All date back to a visit CHM and I enjoyed there in July 2006.

We go to Le Grand-Pressigny from time to time. Next time, I want to try to go up to the top of the Tour Vironne — pictured above — if it's open to the public at all.


  1. Ken, we've been up there... I can show you the pix of the view... and some of the wonderful graffiti.
    But, I'm afraid it is closed now to Joe Public... has been since the new building was put up.
    It is a great sham, realy, as the view was wonderful!!

    I believe that the Maire was amongst the last personages to ascend...
    when he watched the Tour come through the village...
    from our vantage point...
    at home in Leeds ont'telly...
    he was clearly recognizable [he's very tall!!]...
    as the musée was already closed for a dig before building...
    I presume he had special clearance....
    "I'm your Maire... try stopping me!!"

    1. "It is a great sham, realy,"....
      sorry, that should read...
      "It is a great shame, really,"...
      me fingers are all numb in the cold&damp this morning!!

  2. Lovely photos, Ken.
    The new museum was under construction when we arrived in the village in 2007. I confess I thought it was hideous but now I rather like it. You have to admit, it is a talking point.
    The tower is still closed and I don't know of any plans to re-open it. We have friends who remember going to the top and taking photos in 2005, but it was closed soon after that, which is a shame. The view from the top must be fantastic.

    1. Jean, if you ever do hear of it being re-opened, please do let me know.

  3. I principally remember the WWII graffitti - I'm no good ar heights so i went back down pdq

    1. I'm envious. You got to go up there and I never even realized that going to the top was a possibility.

  4. Oh yeah, we have something just like that down the street here in (insert city & state), U.S..
    (Said no one ever in this part of the world.)

    Love the mix of 12th c., 16th c. and new. :)

  5. We've been up the tower. It must have been in 2006, and we must have some photos of the view. I'll check when we are home if I remember.

  6. Looks fascinating. When filled with water, that deep moat must have been quite the obstacle to anyone coming to do harm to the Pressignois.


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