01 April 2014


Here's a summary of my day: The view from my hotel room at Paris CDG airport Sunday afternoon...

The view on my seatback video screen on the plane late yesterday afternoon...

And the view out the window of the plane at about the same hour.

I'm tired, but happy to be here. And that is not a poisson d' avril.


  1. yay! welcome to EST! i always think it's funny when we are in the same time zone ;-) hope you have beautiful weather...and lots of bbq.

  2. Hope the change of time isn't tough on you... it's usually worse for you on the leg back to France, isn't it?
    Glad you're arrived safely!

    1. Went to bed at 10 Eastern (4 a.m. French time) and got up at 5 (11 a.m. French time). That gave me 7 hours sleep, and it was deep sleep, so no problem so far. My flight from Paris to Charlotte was very smooth and comfortable, and I watched two movies plus a couple of TV shows. It was fairly stressless all the way.

      Thanks Travel, H.P., and OFG, for the greetings.

    2. 7 hours sleep is a great first night's rest. I hope your weather is good both weeks!

  3. Glad you made it safely. Enjoy the sunny weather and your family.

  4. Enjoy your stay with your family.
    Was the other plane that close to yours ?

  5. The other plane was close, but I was using a zoom lens. The weather here is truly gorgeous.

  6. Catching up with your posts from the last week now that I am home. Enjoy your stay stateside.


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