28 July 2013

Traveling this morning

A few minutes after this post appears on the blog, I'll be getting on a train in Paris and heading back to the Loire Valley. I'll be at home by mid-morning.

I'm sure many of you know which Paris church this is. No prizes for correct identifications,
and no penalties for incorrect ones.


  1. Since it has two towers it could be Notre-Dame, but the style doesn't seem to fit. Also, it looks very much like a big, 19th century church in my neighborhood, St-François-Xavier, but its towers are of equal height. There are so many churches in Paris!

  2. This is a photo of the church of Saint-Sulpice in the 6th arrondissement. This church is the second largest church in Paris after Notre Dame de Paris.
    It's unique in that the church's south tower is 16 feet shorter than the north tower...and the fact that the Marquis de Sade was baptised here!

  3. St Eustache? Very nice photo!

  4. Looks like Hogwarts to me.

  5. Hogwarts is the winner! No... on dit Poudlard en français, alors....

    I recognized it as Saint-Sulpice, aussi. Walked by it every day on my route to the Alliance Française, that first month à Paris. Didn't Delacroix do some murals for Saint-Sulpice?

  6. hehehehe. You guys are all too good for me. It couldn't possibly be that you have spent way more time in Paris than I have. Lucky ducks!


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