07 July 2013

Red store fronts...

...in CHM's neighborhood in Paris. Yesterday morning I went out for a walk to take some photos and do some food shopping. I didn't buy anything in any of these particular shops, but the red paint caught my eye.

A shoe and leather goods repair shop

A shop selling food products from the Auvergne region of France's central highlands

A wine and cheese shop

These photos are ones I took on the rue du Docteur Roux and the rue Cambronne near the rue Lecourbe in the 15th arrondissement. It's an urban residential area where middle class Parisians, including a lot of senior citizens and a lot of young couples with children, live. I like it and would love to live here if I could.

By the time this posts to my blog, I'll be on my way back to Saint-Aignan.


  1. Your train just left a few minutes ago, Hope your have a nice trip.

    It was very nice to have you here in Paris for a few days. I really enjoyed your visit.

  2. You are going home to some beautiful weather I think.
    And a blueberry pie if you're lucky !!

  3. my daughter worked as a nanny for a young family in that area several yrs ago

  4. That Auvergne shop brings back some good memories. Glad you got to enjoy some time in the 15th with chm.

  5. I Google-mapped the area, too-- it really does look nice (duuh...c'est Paris!). Glad you got a nice visit in Paris, and with chm.

  6. I hope you priced apartments in the area while you were there. You never know....

  7. Red storefronts always attract my eyes as well. A french restaurant here in Eugene, Oregon has just renovated the outside of their building. It is fun to watch as unaccustomed patrons notice how realistically french it appears! There are floor to ceiling shutters on each side of the large windows and they have a large awning that can be let down (west-facing) when the sun is intruding!

  8. We found the Parisian cordonneries to be quite reasonable.


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