25 July 2013

Au restaurant japonais, rue Lecourbe

Just down the street a short walk from CHM's apartment there's a Japanese restaurant that both he and I really like. We very likely had dinner there last night.

Chirashi de saumon

The restaurant is called Kuboda, and its address is 33 rue Lecourbe, Paris 75015. Try it if you like Japanese food at all. On the menu, there are sashimi, sushi, maki, and barbecued meats on skewers.

Salade de chou blanc et miso en entrée


Maki with vegetables and fish

The staff is polite and friendly. The atmosphere is pleasant. And the food is fresh and delicious.

P.S. We did in fact have dinner at the Kuboda restaurant last night. It was as good as always.


  1. It does indeed look delicious.
    I have never "eaten Japanese". Your photos could certainly tempt me.

    Nick was in Paris recently and tells me how expensive it is to eat out, especially to have a drink. I suppose it depends where exactly you are.

  2. Between Japanese and Thai food, I am not sure which of those 2 would be my favorite. Your photos are so crisp
    I wouldn't might having a bite at 3.30 am my time.

  3. Jean, I can certainly recommend the Kuboda. If and when you come to Paris...

    Nadège, I really like Thai food. Too bad we don't get that or Japanese in St-Aignan (sauf chez nous).

    You wouldn't believe how hot it feels in Paris.

  4. The fresh food with the crisp look cools me off even though sweat is dripping on my neck right now.
    I must remember to buy some black sesame seeds to add a contrast when I serve white rice! Love it!
    Stay cool.

  5. LOVE the Ramen soup served at most Japanese Restaurants.

  6. Suis dans les bonnes résolutions, les envies de cuisine saines...et de Zen... bref, ta recette me tente bcp et me parle bien !
    Dis, c'est quoi le Garam massala
    Des bises !
    restaurants japonais paris


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