09 July 2013

L'Institut Pasteur

Last Saturday morning I took a walk over to the Institut Pasteur in Paris. It's only a couple of blocks — a few hundred meters — from CHM's apartment. I went to have a look because my friend Evelyn has said she really wants to visit it the next time she comes to Paris. Maybe I'll be able to go with her.

I was surprised that I had no memory of seeing this building before. I must have seen it, though. Back in the 1970s, I knew somebody who lived not far south of its location and I walked through the neighborhood many times. The Pasteur Institut has existed since the late 1880s.

There's a sign saying Musée next to the front door of the main building. According to Wikipedia, that's the oldest building and it contains Louis Pasteur's private apartments, the crypt where his body is interred, and an information center — those make up the museum.

Since 1908, eight of the institute's scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize. The Institut Pasteur is just a few minutes' walk from the Gare Montparnasse.


  1. Above the central window on the first photo it says: Souscription publique — 1888

  2. My eyes lit up when I saw the title of your post today, Ken! Yes, maybe we'll see the museum of L'Institut Pasteur one day. The hours are tricky though. Thanks for the photos!

  3. I love the architecture of the old buildings....so grand looking.
    I had no idea Louis Pasteur was also interred there...definitely worth a visit.

  4. They have a museum also in Dole - his birth place. A very interesting one ( we were told but was closed on the day we were there) to visit

  5. Another fabulous find for an add-on to my next Paris visite! Merci!

  6. As I look at the picture, Nick is on his way to the Gare Montparnasse, by Eurostar.
    Unfortunately he doesn't have time to do any sight-seeing when he's working in Paris but we really must make the effort to go one day - for fun instead of work.

  7. Bonjour Cousine,
    As I understand it, even though Pasteur was born in Dôle he was raised and lived in Arbois where his house can be seen and is now also a museum. He was definitely a Franc-Comtois [just like us! LOL]

  8. Bonjour Cousin

    The house in Arbois IIRC was from the maternal side of his family. In Dole, you will find also la tannerie of his father.Nice little town to visit but parking is "murder"

  9. I had a similar experience with the Institut Pasteur. Eved though it's a beautiful building, it somehow doesn't impress.


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