14 July 2013

Five photos from Chambord

Our travels yesterday included a couple of hours at the Château de Chambord, that monstrosity and/or marvel located just south of the Loire River near Blois. We had finished a fine lunch at the Relais d'Artémis restaurant in Bracieux, and we braved the July 13 crowds at the castle.

This was the first time I'd been inside Chambord in a few years. I took a lot of photos. Here are five of them. More later, of course.

French Renaissance king François 1er, who had Chambord built

François 1er's symbol/mascot, the salamander, as an architectural feature

The king's bed in the royal apartments at Chambord

Lichens on an exterior wall at Chambord

François's folly, built in the 1500s — just in case you've forgotten how grand it is

Today: Chenonceau. Happy Bastille Day — Bon 14 juillet à tout le monde.


  1. Excellent photos, as usual. My favorite, from far, is the Lichens!

  2. Terrific photos. I especially like the salamander.

  3. Love the salamander. Good luck with the crowds at Chenonceau :-)

  4. Oh boy! These photos will be appearing soon on a screen near you...well... near me *LOL*... in my classroom!

    Bonne Fête Nationale!

  5. Chambord is so magnificent from the outside. I'm not sure if I've been inside though. Happy Bastille Day!

  6. hey Ken, totally off topic.. but just wanted to thank you for your post a while ago about making fried potatoes. you said the secret is not to add salt at the beginning of cooking.. totally changed my life. i'm not kidding. my fried taters are turning out perfectly now. i'm going to go and dig more so i can fry more - salted a the end.

  7. Love the pics. The lichen pic could end up at MOMA. And thank you for the recent pics of Paris. Love your blog.

  8. Nice, but too busy for my taste.


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