19 July 2013

Déjeuner de poissons au Relais d'Artémis

Last Saturday, we went back to the restaurant named Au Relais d'Artémis for lunch. We had enjoyed a delicious lunch there with CHM on June 1. This time we were accompanied by our friends Tom and Harriett from Illinois.

The Relais d'Artémis is located in the town of Bracieux, just outside and south of the park that surrounds the Château de Chambord. Here's the web site. Last Saturday (July 13, so Bastille Day weekend in France) the restaurant was crowded and busy. The weather was so nice that we were able to have lunch outside on the patio.

Here are photos of the lunch that Harriett and Tom ordered. They both had a starter of smoked salmon and a main course of the European fish called sandre in French or 'zander' in English, with risotto and a beurre blanc sauce. Sandre is also known as "pike-perch" and it's not well-known in North America.

Carpaccio de saumon, tartare de légumes au parmesan

Filet de sandre, beurre blanc

For dessert, Harriett had the upside-down apple pie called Tarte Tatin. Tom chose the strawberry nougat with vanilla-flavored marshmallow.

Tarte Tatin et sa crème glacée vanille, caramel  à la fleur de sel

Nougat de fraises, guimauve à la vanille

The menu we selected from was priced at just under 25 euros per person (approximately $32 U.S.). Wine and coffee were optional (can you believe I wrote that?) and cost extra, of course. We had a nice bottle of local rosé.

Tomorrow, what Walt and I ordered and enjoyed.


  1. Zander is my favourite freshwater fish...
    it is not native to the UK and was introduced as a "game" fish.

    It is a voracious predator and is damaging native populations of fish...
    People complain like mad about the damage...
    but the "Brit" method of fishing is to catch, weigh and record...
    then put the catch back.

    I say... knock the damned things on the head, cook 'em and eat 'em!!
    That will reduce the numbers, once people get the flavour.

    And the way this has been served up is extremely attractive, too!!
    [As are the rest of the dishes...
    and in the UK this would cost you well over £60 a head...
    including imported Zander!!]

  2. Like Martine, you have been eating some really nice food at fine restaurants. I am so glad you are having a wonderful summer weather wise.

  3. Wow, these are excellent photos of what must have been a delicious meal for all. As Nadege said, how great that you're finally having nice summer weather.

  4. Love these photos! I love the presentation of these delights!

  5. i'm adding this restaurant to my wish list- the webpage is inviting and so is the menu. I usually order fish plats in France and I've never been disappointed.


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