03 September 2012

Vieilles photos

We've been in France for so long now that when I look back at photos I took when we first arrived in Saint-Aignan, they really look like old photos. I guess digital cameras were different nine years ago, when I took this one of the Château de Montrésor.

September 3, 2003, at Montrésor, south of Saint-Aignan

Our old living room window is being replaced today. We've been talking about having a new window put in for about nine years. The old one dates from the 1960s and, while it is sort of charming and old-fashioned, it's not at all airtight.

This is the window that we are having replaced.

The new window will be double-glazed and better sealed, and it will protect us from the cold much more effectively. It won't have the old look, but it will be easier to clean. The installer should be here in about an hour. By afternoon, we'll have a new look and a new view.


  1. Don't forget you can claim a tax rebate for installing double glazing! It'll be great not to have thohse draughts.

  2. I hope it all goes smoothly and your new window will be a total joy, I'm sure.
    There's no substitute for being warm and draught-fee come those cold winter days.

  3. The current window is charming, though, that's for sure :) But, I love airtight!

    Will it be a slider type, like you put in the bedroom(s)?

    (I was just thinking, "Wow, they're having a window replaced on a Sunday!?" But, of course, it's Labor Day MONDAY... I also just looked for "Sunday Morning" on TV... duuuuuuh!)



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