20 September 2012


Thanks to all who left comments about the wifi radio yesterday. I ordered one from Amazon France. I'll report on it in a few days, once it arrives and I have tinkered with it. The delivery is supposed to take place tomorrow.

Fall flowers — it is autumn now, and there was frost this morning

This morning we have a roofer here trying to figure out the problem we've had with our "roof windows" (Velux) for the past two years. Both of them leak, or at least the plasterboard around them gets damp when we have significant rain and wind. The roofer is going to re-lay all the tile around the windows and we see if that corrects the problem. If it ever rains again, that is...

Seen from a Velux roof window. Click on the picture to vendangify.

No news on the grape harvest (les vendanges). On Tuesday I saw cars parked out in the vineyard and men walking up and down some of the rows of vines. They didn't seem to be hunters. I'm not sure if they were harvesting or just culling. They had left by the time I walked out there with the dog.


  1. They pushed back the grape harvest here in the Cognac area. Mid to late ctober they say.

  2. We were over in Saumur-Champingy last weekend. They were planning to start harvesting the white grapes for the Cremant de Loire this week. However thought it would be mid/late-ish October for the red grapes.

  3. Please do keep us posted on the
    radio, the installation, etc.
    Am going to check Amazon today to
    see what is offered over here.

  4. They harvested the Chardonnay grapes down the hill on our north side this morning. Only the Chardonnay, though, not the red grapes.

  5. Your and Walt's recent photos of the vineyards have made me nostalgic about our visit to St. Aignan last September. I especially love the close-ups of the grape leaves as they change color going into fall.

  6. Hi Bob F., thanks for the good comment. I have many more such photos but don't want to overdo it. Maybe some more tomorrow though...

    Hard to believe it's been a year already since your visit. When's the next? I probably will got to NC this winter.


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