07 September 2012


This is one of Callie's favorite paths out in the vineyard. Can you see it?

When we get here, Callie looks back at me, over her shoulder, as if to say:
"Can we go this way today?" If I take a step in her direction,
she goes charging through, quickly disappearing into the tall plants.

This is Callie at another point, looking back
to see which way I'm planning to go...


  1. It's interesting to think of the perspective of an animal who is only this tall, romping through a field that practically covers her :)

  2. Ken

    Let us know whether Callie likes music the next time she is a passenger in the car.
    She is very intelligent and checks for 'approval' before wandering further, knowing that you are not far . Showing some independence and yet not too adventurous :-)

  3. Just found your blog when looking for info on Maxime Le Forestier...like it!

  4. What a pal Callie is! I would love to take her on a walk. She is my kind of pet pal!


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