27 September 2012

The woodpile

The chimney is swept — the roofer did that job last week. A lot of wood is sawed. There's at least 100 gallons of heating oil in the fuel tank to run the boiler and radiators. We're ready for winter.

Walt saws the logs, which as delivered are one meter long. Each log (nearly 200 of them) needs to be cut into three pieces. That's a lot of sawing. I just watch. Or listen. As I cook lunch, usually. A chacun sa tâche.

We also ended up with a lot of petit bois — "little wood" — this year, for starting fires or just making a small fire to take the chill off when it's not freezing cold outside. You can see it all in the picture above.


  1. I suppose because you are in the country, piped gas is not available, but heating oil sounds very expensive.

  2. You're all set for Winter. All you need now is a stockpile of Port or Madeira, or a French equivalent.

  3. Even your woodpile is attractive and organized! All set for winter.

  4. No, Andrew, we don't have gaz de ville (piped-in natural gas). But it's nearly as expensive as fioul domestique anyway.

    Bob, our wine needs have been tended to as well as our heating needs!

  5. here i thought "a chacun sa tâche" was some kind of snack.. i was looking for the recipe.


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