08 September 2012

Things I'd miss

Some mornings, I go out with my camera and spend an hour or so just taking pictures. Callie the collie waits patiently, sometimes going on ahead to sniff around, but often coming back to make sure she knows where I am and to see what I'm doing.

I'm just enjoying being outside, and the peace and quiet. And the sights. So is Callie, but I think the smells are her favorite part of the deal.

Grapevine tendrils from last year, hanging on a wire

Sometimes I have to move the leaves aside to get a look at the grapes.

One more sunrise

A wider view of same

Sometimes I wonder how long we will continue living here. Then I realize how much I would miss walking in the vineyard every day.


  1. Loved the last two shots.
    You will live there for as long as your heart tells you to. Who would give up such beauty around them everyday? Because of you and Walt, I love Saint Aignan.

  2. It can be very nice to be out in the early morning. I don't do it often, but I enjoy it when I do make the effort, or have to.

  3. Thanks, Virginia. We love it here too but wonder how long we'll stay in this house. Surely until Callie passes on, which will be in 8 or 10 years.

    Andrew, I go out walking every other morning — rain, sleet, snow, or 'shine. Callie expects it. And I also go out into the woods or the vineyard every other afternoon. So I go for a walk once a day at least.

  4. It really is a beautiful area.

  5. Beautiful post, Ken.

    You are making me miss our dogs and those daily walks. Just enjoy each day- the vineyards make your walks special because you can see the seasons so clearly. None of us knows what the future will bring, but at least we have this day.

  6. Wow. Excellent photos. The clarity of the zoom on that first one is amazing!

  7. Those grapes look ready to eat!

  8. When I open your posts Ken, I know I will experience a little of what "caught your eye" today (more like yesterday!). It is always fresh and usually interesting to me. Living beside a vineyard may never be something I will be able to do, but reading your blog has given me a little closeness to what that might be like. Merci.

  9. Those are wine grapes, not table grapes, Starman.

    Thanks Mary, Nadège, Evelyn...


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