03 March 2010

The lights are back on

It's pretty funny that I titled that last post "Current Events" because we haven't had current at our house since Sunday morning — until tonight (Wednesday 10:30 p.m.). What a week — what a winter — it has been. Yes, plenty of "current" events...

Just tonight a crew from the national electric company came and set up a 100 kilowatt generator to get us back on line. They will try to get the wires that bring electricity up to our hamlet, and which were taken down by a big falling tree, hooked back up tomorrow or Friday. Then we will have real electricity again.

We lost two plum trees in the storm, and a section of our roof, early Sunday morning. The roof has been repaired and we had no water damage. Luckily, it was a dry storm. Fierce winds but almost no rain.

We just opened the big chest freezer, now that the current is back on, and most things still seem to be frozen.

Okay, Walt's "intervention" is tomorrow at the clinic in Blois. But I'll try to post again tomorrow morning. And read all the comments. Special thanks to CHM and Cheryl in California for keeping everybody up to date.

Friday is my birthday. I think it is going to be a real celebration.


  1. Huge sigh of relief that you're back and not too much the worse for the storm. We, your loyal readers, missed you! That was quick work on getting the roof repairs. Will the work that you're planning have an impact on the stability of the roof in the future?

    No doubt Walt is relieved to have hot water for his douches. Wish him well for us.

    Verification word: torti Not quite sure what to make of that.

  2. whew that was a long, and probably cold & somewhat boring haul....i am glad ur frozen food is lookin good (that was my first concern after ur heat) because of all freezer filling recipes you have shared......we missed u!! how did callie like the powerless days/nights?

  3. Great to hear you're getting back to normal at last and....
    Good luck to Walt for tomorrow - all part of life's rich tapestry....


  4. Candy and John04 March, 2010 00:44

    congratulations on having power again - it's amazing how much you appreciate it when it returns! good luck to Walt tomorrow and many thanks to Charles-Henry and Cheryl for keeping us posted while you were "in the dark."

  5. So happy to see you back! Silver linings:
    ... sounds like you didn't lose much frozen food
    ... Your blogfans have used your blog to check in and communicate
    ... rain was not a major issue (she says as it continues to pour here in California)
    ... you won't have to rely on all those birthday cake candles for lighting
    ... you have much fodder for upcoming blog topics
    ... you have probably crossed off many items from your "books I want to read" list


  6. Et la lumière fut sur St Aignan...........

  7. Whew, we were getting a bit worried here. We called this morning, but got a "phone is not connected" message. Glad you're mostly in one piece.

  8. The good news is that Walter will be able to take an additional warm shower before you leave for Blois. Don't forget the ears! That's critical!

  9. Glad you're back with not too much damage. Thanks again to Cheryl and chm for their updates so we didn't worry.
    Am so glad that Walt's special showers won't have to be cold brrrr..

  10. So nice to see you again!


  11. Welcome back- tu nous manque big time!

  12. Hooray! Glad you are OK!

  13. What a relieve! Thanks to Cheryl and chm we knew you were Okay, but the wait was nevertheless very long. Glad you're back 'on the air'!

  14. Equally good to see you are back. I'd heard that power hadn't been restored to 'outlying' areas. From Sunday morning to Wednesday night is a long time to be without power.


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