22 March 2010

The neighborhood

I took a pretty long walk early yesterday morning. My mother lives in a retirement complex, and I'm staying with her. I walked from her place down the the sound, just because the weather was so nice.

The water was right glassy, as we say.

If you don't know what a sound is, I'll tell you. It is a body of water behind a long island and the mainland. Unlike a bay, a sound has two or more openings onto the sea.

The early morning calm

One of the best known and largest sounds is, in fact, named Long Island Sound, up north. Another is Puget Sound out west. The North Carolina coast includes a collection of sounds: Albemarle, Pamlico, Core, Back, Currituck, Croatan, Roanoke, and more. The one in my pictures is Bogue Sound.

Around the retirement complex (100 apartments), a gardening crew has just finished freshening up the landscaping for the spring season. I think it's pretty, despite all the big parking lots and cars surrounding all the little apartment buildings.

Camelias in the morning sun

Crape myrtle trees — no bark!

There are a lot of tall pine trees on the property as well, and it is bordered on the north side by a wide salt marsh. There are a lot of birds (and snakes too, my mother says).


  1. Love crape myrtles and camelias too. Crapes can grow to be quite old.

    My all time favorite though is peonies.

  2. Don't forget to give us a call once you get back to Touraine. We do not have a telephone number for you in France, and we do not not have a broadband connection in Richelieu so we cannot get in touch from 37120 yet.

  3. That close to a marsh, you would expect a lot of wild things. Looks very nice there.

  4. Ken, didn't you have a post up with photos of a Parisian pâtisserie??? I just read it, wrote a comment, and then the blog wouldn't take it. When I re-loaded your page, it had a different entry up!
    Qu'est-ce qui m'arrive là? :))

  5. my Dad lived for a while in Edenton, NC & it looked a lot like these pics.....my children loved going there to visit cause they could walk on their own "downtown" when they were young, and get a cheese sandwich for about .35 and a vanilla coke from the fountain...we had nothing like that in richmond....i think edenton was a town of about 5000

  6. Melinda, Edenton is one of my favorite towns in the US. It's in a gorgeous natural setting, has wonderful houses and trees, and there's good BBQ at Laney's (Ken, please note!). I wonder when the next Edenton pilgrimage is?


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