13 March 2010


A late spring is what we will have this year. It's still cold and dry outside, even though the low temperature was above freezing this morning for the first time in a while. We need some warm rain.

Look at this 14 March 2004 picture of a tree that we can see from our front terrace.

14 March 2004 — in full pink flower

And look at the same tree on 13 March 2010.

13 March 2010 — this year we haven't even
bothered to put out the table and chairs yet

Things will have to hurry up, and fast, if we are to get back to more normal conditions. Here's the same tree on 19 March 2007.

19 March 2007 — maybe by next Friday
the tree will look like this again.

By 19 March 2005, it was tee-shirt weather and W. was taking a break in the back garden.

19 March 2005 — W. relaxing in the back yard with Collette

And on 17 March 2009 Walt was out in a tee-shirt burning up some leaves and branches to clean up the yard.

17 March 2009 — also tee-shirt weather, with Callie
instead of the dearly departed Collette

I guess the optimistic spin on all this is that we have warmer days and flowers to look forward to.


  1. This has surely been the longest and coldest winter here in Derbyshire for a long time. All our plants and trees are way behind and we haven't been able to get into the garden to do anything very much until this weekend.

  2. Our Spring is just as late here- I did see one flowering tree downtown yesterday. It has been a remarkable winter.

    In 1993 we had a blizzard on March 13th with a long outage of power, deep snow etc. I think we notice the weather more as we get up in our years;-)

    Your photos are proof of what a difference a year makes.

  3. Wow, that's quite a difference! We've had an unusually snowy and cold winter, too. It's starting to get nice (50s some days), but that can change at any minute, and there is no blooming of trees going on, that's for sure.


  4. Everyone's blogging about the weather. What a year! I'm counting on a long winter meaning a warm spring. We have almond trees in bloom and I saw some wild violets and the first orchid, not yet in flower, today.

  5. I wish you warm weather soon.

  6. Now I'm sttarting to be a little concerned! We will be there in just over a week! Come on Ken, warm it up a little please.
    Seriously, we don't mind if it's coolish. It's been a long hot summer in Australia and it will be nice to rug up, eat comfort food and drink red.
    Have a great trip Ken.

  7. The difference in the cherry tree over the past few years to now is amazing!! Here, we get the cherry blossoms around mid April... but in 2008, it was late b/c of a late snow in mid April.... I hope it's not tooooo late this year...

    And oh.. Alex and I will be heading out your way from April 21-23 maybe even 24th... I'll email you to see if you guys are around and avail!
    Have a great Sunday..

  8. Ken

    We are having the St Paddy's parade on Sunday and, for once, the little kids will be able to enjoy it. We may get some rain but the mercury will be 11C.

    btw: Jean Ferrat, passed away this afternoon ( I believe that you must know his songs)


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