21 March 2010

Things I see on the Carolina coast

In Saint-Aignan, I don't see scenes like these.

A boat speeding through Beaufort Inlet,
seen from the beach at Fort Macon State Park.

The flag of the State of North Carolina

Tracks in beach sand

Late-afternoon sun at the beach on Bogue Banks, N.C.

Boats on the waterfront in Morehead City, N.C.

Yesterday we had gorgeous weather. People keep thanking me for bringing good weather with me from France. Ha! Temperatures here today should reach 74ºF (23ºC).


  1. Wonderful photos and so different from your usual environment.

  2. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

  3. Hi Ken, Lovely photos! Happy to read you are having a great time. About the weather ... make sure to bring some of it back with you when you return to France (including Belgium) in April ... please?! We could surely use it. Martine

  4. These look like lovely places - nice pictures Ken. Enjoy your holidays and soak in the sun.

  5. Great photos, and I, too, am glad that you're enjoying yourself :)

  6. Where are all the vineyards?

  7. Ken,
    Sounds like OZ weather (at the moment anyway) 23 degrees here today. Sue and I will see if we can warm up the Loire for your return.
    Enjoy, we will be watching.

  8. Thanks, Leon and Sue. I hope you have a fantastic trip to France and I'm really sorry I won't be there when you visit the Loire Valley. Next time...

  9. Any good wine in the Carolinas?


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