07 March 2010


I walked down into the lower part of the vineyard, the part closest to the river, to see if anything had been done to repair our electric wires. I was surprised to see them all put back up, because Gilbert is still performing out back.

You can see from this picture how steep our hill is.
And you can make out the Cher river in the center of the photo.

Sometime after midnight last night, Gilbert quit humming. A crew soon showed up, Walt said — I slept through it all — and got Gilbert fired up again. We had to reset a bunch of clocks this morning. I'm glad Mr. 100 000 Watts is going again, because it's very cold outside and we need to have the heat on.


  1. Hi Ken - belated birthday wishes - sorry I missed the day but I have not been keeping up.

    What an eventful winter it has been, with one thing and another. And it sounds as though you have a hectic couple of weeks ahead of you, too.

  2. I do see the Cher a long way down there! Those power lines look good to me, but there must be some problem to solve before they can bring you your current.

    Early yesterday morning our power went off, on a couple of times before going out for an hour or so. My brother lives in a place with buried lines which seem to mess up less.

    I can't imagine life without electricity. I think you can though. What powers Gilbert? I'm glad he's come to visit and keep us in touch.

  3. Jean, I wonder if it's still very cold where you are, the way it is here. We have a northeast wind and we can't seem to get the house to warm up.

    Evelyn, did you have to reset a bunch of digital clocks? Did your computers crash (oh, you have laptops, I remember). Our power went off last night and again today at about 12:45, while we were having lunch. We looked out back and saw a crew switching us over from Gilbert to the main lines. So finally we are on the "network" again. They'll probably come an get Gilbert tomorrow, now that he is disconnected.

  4. Oh, forgot to say: we think Gilbert runs on diesel fuel, because he sounds like a big truck that's idling.

  5. Those wires are a beautiful sight!
    Hope your empowerment gives you a good start to your busy fortnight.

  6. Ken, we have had a lovely sunny but bitterly cold day, today. It was no more than 3degrees centigrade and the forecast is for more of the same this week.

  7. How sad to hear about Gilbert being switched off. I'm sure you are going to miss your new powerful friend :))

  8. If they've got all the wires back up, you'll probably be back to normal in a day or so.


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