21 October 2008

Day off

I'm giving myself a day off. We've been busy cleaning out the garage this morning. It's raining outside.

Belgian endives braised in butter, white wine, lemon juice, and garlic

My plan for my next post is the recipe for Endives and Ham au Gratin. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. So, so glad to see you on line. You are always posted before I log on and one of the delights of my day is reading your journal...today I worried something had happened to one of you!! Keep posting

  2. Hi Ken, Glad to see that you've braised the endives in butter instead of just boiling them in water ... like some/most people mistakedly (is this an existing word ??;)) do. As 'Chicons aux gratin' (as we call endives overhere) is one our national dishes, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post to see the rest of the recipe. But I'm confident ... Martine

  3. Hello Anonymous, I appreciate your comment. I've been kind of out of sorts for the past few days and I'm going through one of those phases during which I ask myself: "Now why exactly are you doing this blog, and for whom?" For myself, of course, and for the people who look at it too.

    Martine, I don't know where or when I learned to cook endives, but yes, I braise them in butter and lemon juice (and some white wine if I feel they need more liquid). More tomorrow... K.

  4. Looking forward to the recipe. I remember when you made it for one of our off-site potlucks. Yum.



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