23 November 2007

Le vignoble retrouvé

I'm still recovering from a cold I caught on the North Carolina Outer Banks, where it was windy and wet. But yesterday was nice and I took Callie out into the vineyard for a walk in the afternoon. It was the first time I'd been out there for an afternoon walk since mid-September, I think.

Un noyer — a walnut tree

Today the weather is chilly and rainy. Dreary. I haven't been out. But yesterday's sky was fantastic, and I'm glad I was able to see and photograph it.

La Renaudière in autumn

Callie enjoyed the walk too, especially because there were big puddles left over from the overnight rainfall we had. She splashed and dashed and got soaking wet.

A wet Callie headed back toward the house up the dirt road

As I walked back home I could see it raining in the distance, probably over toward Montrichard and Amboise. Then I saw a truncated rainbow. I suppose that was my welcome back.

A rainbow over the Renaudie vineyards
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  1. Proustian ;)
    I particularly like the angle of this photo with the rainbow.

  2. What fabulous light. Just lovely.


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