26 February 2024

Spring... almost

Some spring days will look like the one on the left above. Others will look like the one on the right. Such is spring in Saint-Aignan. These are views of the vineyard from our windows. The weather woman on Télématin says it's going to rain all day today.

Flowers like the ones on the left are already appearing. This is a photo
that I took 10 years ago today.
For a while yet, the grape vines will look like the photo on the left just above. But the fruit trees will be covered in blossoms like the ones on the right very soon. It's starting now. Maybe we'll get some plums this year.


  1. Spring puts on quite a show every year. I enjoy watching the day to day changes.

  2. Your spring is looking pretty good. Wishing you lots of plums.


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