10 April 2019

The birds are back

Over the past week or so, I've been noticing a lot of loud birdsong when I go out for walks with Tasha the Sheltie, especially early in the morning. Yesterday I opened the kitchen window at about 7:00 a.m. to checke if it was raining and again was struck by how melodious all the loud chirping was. Here's a brief sample — you'll need the sound on your device or computer turned on to hear it of course. Birdsong only and some woodpecker hammering, that's all you'll hear.

As far as I know, Blogger doesn't "host" audio files, so I took a movie. Not much action, but a good bit of noise. The one bird I didn't catch on this video is the cuckoo, which has come back from Africa... more than one of them, of course. Often, there's one sitting in the top of our big cedar tree cuckoo-ing its lungs out this time of year. Here are some posts about cuckoo birds, and one includes a short video on which you can hear the cuckoo's call.


  1. Unfortunately, any sound, melodious or not, is out of the question for me right now, but I hope my expectations for my new hearing aids won't be shattered.

    Did you know the American desert Roadrunner is of the cuckoo family?

  2. I was enjoying the sound of our birds, too, the other morning, sitting on my deck. And, just as I'm typing this, a bird starting whistling right outside my window -- the sun isn't even up yet. I'm not sure what bird it is.

  3. Thanks Ken for the bird songs, lovely to hear, great idea, it sounds so beautiful/peaceful! I chose a cuckoo sound for a mobile phone I had a few years ago but I lost it when the phone went kaput!...cheers.

  4. Thanks for posting this Ken! It was wonderful, just like being there with my morning coffee.

  5. Thanks from me, too! After our last week's heavy rain, the bird songs haven't come back here, yet! Those walks with Tasha must be very calming for you. I bet the birds must love that vineyard!

    Mary in Oregon


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