27 February 2018

Trip prospects

Okay, if the MétéoCiel weather web page is right, we're supposed to have a major thaw by Thursday morning, 48 hours from now. And in the wee hours overnight on Thursday we're supposed to get some snow but then half an inch of rain as temperatures rise. I'll take it — yesterday the temperature didn't go above freezing, and this morning it's negative five in ºC (23ºF).

The photos here are some that I took nearly two weeks ago on a walk in the Renaudière vineyard with Tasha.
The bad news about next week is that it is supposed to be rainy in the Moulins area in the Allier river valley, where we are scheduled to spend the week driving around and sightseeing. With the way I feel right now, I don't know if I can face that. I want to see the places called Bourbon-l'Archambault and Souvigny, with their Romanesque architecture, but I don't want to do it in the rain.

By the way, I found out where I caught the cough and cold. It was in North Carolina, when I was there over the first two weeks of February. My sister wrote to me yesterday to say that she, her daughter, and one of her granddaughters are all suffering with the same affliction.  I had pretty much decided that I caught the cold on the plane, flying back to France, or in Paris, since the symptoms started about 5 days after I got back on February 14.

All this is not really very interesting unless you are living through it and struggling to breath. But as I've said before, this blog is my record of our time in Saint-Aignan. For example, Looking back I see that the last time I had a bad cold was in 2011. And I  I also had one in 2007, when my sister and a friend were just finishing a visit to France. There's that sister connection again... uh-oh! I sure will be glad when this month of February is over and done with.


  1. I had a cold like that at Christmas time, and it lasted, and lasted, and lasted...

  2. Oooh, those places look really cool!
    I'll hope you'll be able to postpone, and not just cancel.Sorry you're so uncomfortable! I hate a bad cold.

  3. Oh the misery of a bad cold. You just want to sleep and lie in the bed and moan. If you are able to ... do it ... just lie there and be pitiful ~

  4. When your cold is gone your optimism will return. Neverfear.


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