16 February 2018


I took this photo on a dock in the Crab Point area of Morehead City, on the Newport River. Friends of a friend live there.This is the spot from which I took the photo of the new Beaufort high-rise bridge that I posted a few days ago.

The people living there said they just found the dead fish on the dock some time ago. It had been brought up onto the dock and consumed by a bird or mammal of some kind — maybe an otter, they said, though I'm not sure there are otters in the rivers around Morehead.

P.S. I read this information on this site: In North Carolina, "...otters are found primarily in the Coastal Plain, where they can be fairly common to locally common around estuaries, lower portions of rivers, large creeks, and canals — in the Tidewater area and eastern Coastal Plain. Farther inland, they are uncommon to fairly common in the remainder of the Coastal Plain, generally uncommon in the eastern Piedmont, and rare to locally uncommon farther westward. During historical times, it was more widespread, but it has declined greatly in the 20th and 21st Centuries, though it is making a comeback in some places." My doubts were groundless.


  1. hmm! I never would have imagined otters there.
    I hope you're settling in well back at home.

  2. Interesting. Apparently they like a diet of fish and crabs. Probably a good area for those.


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