27 February 2016

More waves

I hope this isn't too much of a [good] thing, but here it is. Yesterday my sister and I drove over to the beach to see what it looked like since the wind has died down some.

As you can see above, there is still a lot of surf. And, below, still a lot of sun glinting on the water.

And in the three photos below, quite a few waves. Breakers. Surf.

There was less wind than the day before, but it was, or at least felt, colder. There were fewer people out than there were last Sunday, but that's normal for a weekday.

I grew up swimming in these waters, but not in February. Only Canadians would risk going in the ocean here in February.

We locals didn't start swimming here until May or June, when the water had warmed up quite a bit. Air and water temperatures are in the 80s in ºF (high 20s in ºC) by the end of summer. If you dived in and swam out to the Gulf Stream (it's too far to swim to, but not really very far offshore), you might drift all the way to the French, English, or Irish coast.


  1. Water temperatures in the 80s? Wow, that's like paradise, or bath water, versus the west coast. I think the beach water maxed out this past summer at about 76 degrees. In the low 60s now, but many people go in.

    The waves look beautiful and sparkling with life.

  2. Rather impressive photos with the sun in just the right place. I did like the Canadian joke. I guess that is a constant in the US, and Canada would have their own about the US.

  3. I love the photographs of the waves. How is your mother after her stay in hospital?

    1. Ma is still pretty tired, but I think she's gettng better day by day. Thanks.

  4. The photo I like best, for color and mouvement, is the one before last. Very good.

  5. You make me look forward to moving South even more with your photos :)
    I would rather be in France/England/Buenos Aires but for now, the Southern US coastline will do.
    Fabulous photos!

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a photo quite like that second one, Ken. It's great!

  7. In that second photo down, it looks like you can see a reflection of the city in the curl of the wave, something you'd never notice in the action of a live wave.


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