05 February 2016

Callie and her trunks

Here are a few photos that I took one week ago today (Jan. 29, 2016). It was one of the few days we've had recently when skies were clear and the sun was shining during my morning walk with Callie the collie.

It was a pretty morning because there was a light white frost on the green grass, and there was enough sunlight to bring out the colors in the woods around the edge of the vineyard.

When I put "trunks" in the title above, I didn't mean swimming trunks. I meant grapevine trunks, which Callie collects. Whenever she finds one along the edge of the dirt road or at the end of a row of vines, she picks it up in her jaws and brings it home. Nobody taught her to do that. She just enjoys it. We save the trunks with the idea that one day we'll burn them in the wood stove.

Callie and her souches de vigne and Ken and his collards... The weather has been so mild this winter that I haven't yet done the final collard harvest. There are six plants, and the one in the photo below is the most spectacular one.

I may harvest the greens over the next day or two, depending on how rainy the weather gets, because I am getting ready to go back to North Carolina in a few days and I'd hate for a hard freeze to kill the collard plants while I'm away.


  1. Maybe you smoke something with the grape vine wood? Must admit, I have never heard of such a thing.

  2. Once again, you present us with a wonderful mix of colors and textures in that top photo... and Callie to boot! :)

  3. Since Callie doesn't have a flock of sheep to care for, perhaps she's "herding" trunks.

  4. Callie is a neat and tidy girl, isn't she ? :)
    I think burning the grape vines is great and yes, cook something over the fire !
    It is too wet here for burning anything .. if it isn't raining , it is snowing. I am leaving NY.
    Time to go be warm somewhere ..

  5. ps * *
    I will be stopping over in North Carolina on my way South ... Belmont ..

  6. Those collards might win a prize at the fair. Have a good trip- I hope you have good weather, you never can tell this Winter.

  7. Your greens look terrific.

    Yes, when I read the headline I thought Callie had swim trunks for forays into local ponds. Only on my second cup of coffee though.

  8. Well, I'm glad Callie isn't packing steamer trunks for an ocean voyage somewhere! That's quite a collection of trunks she has amassed.


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