04 February 2016

Deux arbres

Un noyer (walnut)...

Et un pommier (apple)...

The walnut tree is out in the vineyard, along the gravel road. The apple tree is in our back yard.


  1. Sometimes I marvel at how trees are such tall, big things, yet they get there just from growing out of the ground. And they support such gangly weight. It really is an amazing structure.
    I love the textures and colors especially in the top photo :)

    1. The noyer photo is very recent, but the pommier photo is about six years old.

  2. Do you get nuts from any of the walnut trees?

    Apples are so lovely when they blossom. As are crabapple trees, which are more pink in bloom. There are many of the latter in the Baltimore-DC area.

  3. The walnuts that tree in the vineyard produces are pretty small, but Callie enjoys finding, cracking, and eating them in season. Friends of ours who live about five miles up the road have walnut trees on their property that produce tremendous numbers of large, meaty walnuts, which they generously share with us. As for apples, we are often overwhelmed by them.

  4. My grandfather (in NC) had apple trees and my cousins and I would spend most of our summer days in those trees. Those gnarly branches are perfect for young children to climb and dream away the day in.


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