24 September 2015

Webby weather

All of a sudden it's autumn. We're having autumnal weather. The mornings are cold and dewy. The afternoons, at least many of them, turn off warm (relatively) and sunny. The hours of darkness are pulling in, meaning that the dog's walks get later in the morning and earlier in the evening.

One of the signs of the season is the renewed activity of all the arachnids in the area. Because of heavy dew, or leftover moisture from rain showers, their webs are very noticeable all around the vineyard when the sun is coming up in the morning. They almost sparkle. Here are just a few examples.

Even after a long, warm, dry, and busy summer, I'm not sure I'm ready for fall. I keep trying to see the positive side of the change of seasons. Instead of zucchini, eggplants, and tomatoes, which we've been gorging on — yesterday I made a big pan of moussaka — we'll soon be eating collard greens, butternut and acorn squash, and more soups and stews.

Right now, the house is getting almost chilly and we don't have a working boiler. The radiators are cold. We're waiting for the company that is supposed to be installing a new, more efficient, easier-to-regulate boiler to contact us with a date for the work to be done. They've said only that it will happen sometime in October. We hope so. The good news is that the weather is supposed to be dry and fairly warm at least until the early part of next month.


  1. I find it strange that plumbers...
    here and in the UK...
    only seem to like to work on your heating system during the Winter months....
    when you need it on....
    and not during the Summer...
    when draining the system down doesn't matter a toss!

    Lovely webby work BTW....

    1. We had our boiler and the whole system emptied back at the end of June, when we needed to have radiators taken down and repainted. Then we decided to get a new boiler. In all fairness, we didn't sign the devis until August, knowing that most of the company was on vacation at that point. October should be fine, unless the good weather really goes south. In the worst case, we could refill our boiler and the whole system and spend another winter using the old boiler, but I don't think we'll have to do that.

    2. P.S. All these web shots were taken from a long distance, not close up. I was surprised they came out as nice as they did.

    3. Your P.S. is surprising, indeed! Again, was it the Canon or the Panasonic? Very good shots.

    4. All Panasonic. I don't remember if I had put the camera into macro mode or not.

  2. Wow for the webs! Yum for the moussaka, one of my top ten eats.

  3. Long distance indeed! I would have needed a telescope! I hate spiders! Shudder. What sort of spider would make those webs? I killed a red back spider in my kitchen last week. Lucky I had shoes on as it was on the floor. They're only small but pretty poisonous! Sue

  4. I agree with Sue...shudder. The webs are lovely, but they still made me shudder when I saw them.


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