26 September 2015


Seven a.m. at the Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris. Late August. Transitioning from Paris back to Saint-Aignan, and from summer to autumn.

The day before — my last in Paris this time — had felt more like early November than late August. It had rained, hard and steady, for 24 hours. It was time to go home. By the way, that's the tower at the Gare de Lyon, on the other side of the Seine and covered in scaffolding, that I could see from my vantage point at the Gare d'Austerlitz.

My train would be pulling out, headed south, in about 30 minutes. I just had time for un café et un croissant. That's the other transition. From yesterday's blog post to today's. Bon weekend.


  1. that cafe.. thank you so much! really.. i'm not licking my computer screen..... beautiful! yay!

  2. Haven't had a minute to comment lately, but really enjoyed that coffee post... and this one ... ahhhh, love to be taken back to a gare in Paris! That croissant is amaaaaazing.

  3. You were up early that last morning in Paris. Your reward was the first photo which is beautiful. The second photo makes me wish for Paris once more....

    1. I was just glad it wasn't still raining when I left CHM's apartment at 6:30 that morning and walked 10 minutes to the metro station. And the train came right away, so I was at Austerlitz early enough to sit down in the café for an expresso and a croissant while I sent a couple of e-mails. And to take a photo or two and enjoy observing the people around me.


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