27 September 2015

The neighborhood

Look what they've done to the pond out back. They scraped it all out, removing all the invasive jussie plant that had almost entirely filled the waterhole up. My photo was taken even before the work was finished, so I'll have to take another one this afternoon.

The town does this to the pond periodically, I think. It's just maintenance. When we moved here 12 years ago, the pond looked kind of like it does above. That's a neighbor's old farmhouse in the photo. And here's an unusual photo (for me) of our house, showing the woodpile, rain barrels, clothesline, and carport.

And just because this is France, here's a set of morning walk photos in bleu-blanc-rouge.


  1. Wasn't there a larger tree next to the pond? I'm sure it will recover nicely with time.

    1. There wasn't really a larger tree. There are two small apple trees near the pond, one of which lost a big limb in a wind storm a month or so ago. The other apple tree, visible in the background behind the pond, is full of mistletoe.

  2. your house is located in interesting setting

  3. 'Shrooms! We have that kind here too.


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