15 September 2015

Two subjects, three photos

There have been times in the past on the blog when I thought anybody who read it regularly must be getting tired of seeing photos of grape vines, vineyard plots, and grapes. Or sunsets and sunrises. Or food. Now I'm wondering if you who look in here often are getting tired of photos of Paris from on high. Oh well — here are some more.

The photo above is specifically for CHM. It was taken looking toward the southeast from the top of the Tour Montparnasse, down the Avenue du Maine past the cemetery. The church on the left is Saint-Pierre-de-Montrouge, and CHM said in a comment yesterday that his grandparents got married there late in the 19th century. The church was built between 1863 and 1872.

This second photo today shows a famous Paris hospital, L'Hôpital du Val-de-Grâce. It's a military hospital, and anytime you hear about a major politician or government official who has had to be hospitalized, you hear about the Val-de-Grâce. The domed building is the Église Notre-Dame-du-Val-de-Grâce, built over a 20-year period in the first half of the 1600s in the French classical baroque style. It's on the southern edge of the Latin Quarter of Paris. There is a large modern wing of the hospital that you can see on the right side of the photo.

Here's one more photo that I want to post today. It's something completely different.

One warm day last week, I was upstairs watching a film on TV or doing something on my computer. I went downstairs to the living room for some reason, and there was Walt "watching tennis on TV" with Bertie. Bertie watched me carefully as I picked up my camera and snapped a picture...


  1. Thank you for the close-up of Saint-Pierre-de-Montrouge. As you said, my maternal grandparents married there in1890.

    Just love the photo of Walt and Bertie. How about une vie de chien for both?

    1. Walt figured out that the church you can see just beyond the dome of the Val-de-Grâce is the Eglise Saint-Médard, at the bottom of the rue Mouffetard.

    2. Oui, je suis d'accord.

  2. "Grave vines"?
    Well, obviously.... wine is a serious business.

    Lovely last picture....
    honestly, it wasn't that the tennis wasn't exciting...
    it was just that Bertie was emitting his "slumber" radiation...
    we experience the same here...
    you suddenly wake up and find you've been a cat cushion for the last hour!!

    1. Oops! Merci. Bertie seemed to be wide awake, but he wasn't looking in the direction of the television set.

    2. You could have left it as "grave" and added an "s"....
      I'm actually quite partial to a glass of Graves...
      the sweet white one that is...
      just the one, tho'...
      'tis too sweet to drink more [but it keeps well in the fridge!]

      And I agree with Evelyn about your Paris topics...
      I can learn about Paris without having to visit...
      and if I ever do visit...
      I can select from your blog first!!

    3. Strange to me to think about "having to" -- being forced or obliged to -- visit Paris. What's the point of being in France if you don't know and love Paris?

  3. I miss having a cat nap. Still, TV puts me to sleep, too.

  4. Haaaa haaaaaa :) Wonderful "tennis-watching" photo :) So happy to see Bertie comfy and enjoying the inside world.

    The photo of Avenue du Maine is so cool, with that line of green trees. :)

  5. How could anyone ever tire of seeing photos of Paris.

  6. love seeing Bertie...he is very sweet

  7. Bertie obviously was keeping alert as a guard.

  8. I think Bertie heard you coming down the steps. Our Bella likes to use us as her cushions also. The sounds of tennis are just right for cat naps.
    PS your Paris close up continue to educate and entertain.

  9. Bonjour Ken

    Keep them coming :-)
    I am learning more and more about some quartiers .
    As far as Val de Grâce, some foreign dignitaries are also treated there - the latest one is from Algeria ! medical diplomacy , it is called.

  10. Ken, you are so funny. we come here for the pix and nope never get tried of them. if anything i'd like to see more pix of:
    * coffee (i know.. i know... but do you realize where i live!?!?!)
    * cheese. you know of my obsession
    * Bertie

  11. Your blog is always entertaining - Especially TODAY!!! Love that last photo!

    Mary in Oregon


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