22 September 2015

Importing wide or tall images into Blogger using Picasa

Well, thanks to Simon of Days on the Claise, I've figured out a way to post photos that are larger than 1600 pixels wide or tall Simon suggested uploading large photos to Dropbox and then importing them into blogger using their URL (web address) to identify them. I've tried that it works but not perfectly for me. The image on the main blog page comes in at its full size and I can't figure out how to size it down to fit the column width. It runs off the page. There's probably something I don't understand.

So instead of using Dropbox, I tried uploading a large photo (the one below) directly into Picasa a.k.a. Google Photos and then importing it from there. It works! When I upload photos directly into Blogger, they also go automatically into my Picasa albums anyway. So this way I have to do that step manually, but for the occasional large image, it will be worth the trouble. Here's an example.

The photo above, by the way, is a stitched-together composite image I made from four smaller photos that I took from the top of the Tour Montparnasse in April 2002, when Walt and I were in Paris on vacation. It shows the Jardin des Tuileries all the way from the Place de la Concorde on the left to the western end of the Louvre complexon the right. The quality of the image is pretty good, considering the age of the image. I took the photos with a year-2000-vintage Canon camera that had a long zoom.

If you click on the picture above or below with your mouse, it will open in a larger size. Then click again when you see the little magnifying glass hovering over the image. That will open the photo at full size (4,000 pixels wide, in this case) and then you'ĺl need to scroll horizontally and also maybe vertically, using the scroll bars at the edges of the screen or the wheel on your mouse (Windows). I haven't tried all that on a tablet, so I'm not sure what you might need to do.

Here's another very wide image (3000 pixels) below. Callie and I were just setting out on our walk in the vineyard Sunday morning when I took it. I learned that my Lumix camera can take panoramic photos using a method I was unfamiliar with. You just put the camera in panorama mode, aim, push the shutter button, and then pan manually to take in the scene you want to capture. And that gives you a panorama like the one just above.


  1. This is great. It works beautifully on my iPad. These Canon photos are pretty good.

    1. Do you remember my big, heavy Canon Pro90 IS from all those years ago? I bought it in the year 2000, I believe. I donated it to Emmaüs last spring — it was still in very good condition and worked fine. I had batteries and battery chargers for (one for the house, one for the car) that worked with it, and a 1 GB Compact Flash card for it. I hadn't really used it since about 2005.

    2. Yes, I remember that it looked very bulky as opposed to the new ones.

  2. Pic one just works fine....
    and I like the obvious joins...
    a bit David Hockney!!
    But I notice that it has taken fifteen years for the workmen to get from one side of the Hôtel de Crillon to the other...
    a bit like York Minster....
    the only time there is no scaffolding around that is if the Queen visits!

    The panorama looks nice, too...
    modern digitals can do amazing things...
    my little Pentax WG-2 compact can stitch two portrait shots together...
    or three landscapes via the same method...
    you need to be able to see the "ghost" of the previous shot to overlap correctly...
    almost impossible if you can't see the screen!!

    Your Lumix has a better approach, by far...
    and, I presume, you can do that for tall portrait shots??
    Like a sunflower in close-up...
    or the Tour Montparnasse from the bottom to the top...

    1. Well, this is embarrassing. I just realized, and did an experiment to prove it, that all I have to do to get wider or taller images to display in Blogger is modify the image's HTML code. There's a code (s1600) in the image information that constrains the size of images that might be larger than 1600 pixels tall or wide. Change it and voilà — the larger image displays when you click on the image embedded in the body of a post. So, never mind...

    2. Who said old dogs can't learn new tricks? Tom, I love that you noticed the Crillon's slow progress. We have a road near our home that has taken a really long time to complete. I wish getting old moved so slowly...lol.

  3. If you're using Blogger, choose the "compose" option and click on the displayed image: you should get a range of display options, as to size and alignment, just as you would when uploading a photo to Blogger.

    Or if you understand HTML, you can read the HTML for the display and amend the specified amount of pixels for the width and height (don't forget to recalculate the aspect ratio!)

    1. Yes, I know all those options, but when you upload an image that is wider or taller than 1600 pixels, Blogger automatically downsizes it. Sometimes I want to upload and display an image that's bigger than 1600 pixels in one dimension or the other. I can do that now by manually uploading the image into Picasa or Google Photos and then referencing it into Blogger. I also normally modify the HTML code to display images in the body of my posts at 860 pixels wide or less.

  4. I use picMonkey. It's free. My max is 640 pixels, so I just plug in 640 where it asked for resize photo and let it resize accordingly. But, if you want you can give it an exact ratio.

    1. I resize my photos using Photoshop Elements. Until now, I've used 1600 pixels as my maximum width or height.

    2. I just use Picasa's export function which resizes AND also lets me put a little text water-mark on my web photos

  5. All I can say, is that it is cool to see those big panorma shots, so I'm glad you figured it out :)

  6. definitely I prefer countryside landscape


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