23 August 2015


Here's Callie waiting patiently at the end of a row of grapevines. She's giving me time to take a photo or two. She waits to see which way we will turn next — up or down the road, or over into the next vineyard plot.

It was hot again yesterday but not as hot as on Friday. And the night was significantly cooler, so I slept better. It was supposed to rain overnight but so far not a drop has fallen. The garden could use some water.


  1. After a very nice lunch at the spectacular Domaine d'Aiguines with, from time to time, menacing clouds, we had rain overnigt here in the Alpes de Haute Provence. It is more than overcast now and we might have some additional rain.

  2. 0.3mm!
    But it has started again...
    You should have had the band that dropped the 0.3.... or you might be under it now...
    What's dropping now is equally thin... and then there looks to be nothing after that....
    and like you the garden is in need of a good, long, slow rainfall...
    has your lawn developed ravines... ours has... as have some of the veg beds!
    What I'm in need of is a run of cool nights!!

  3. We had a tremendous storm in the early hours and some rain. The sky is still leaden and the wind gusty. I imagine we will get a bit more rain out of it.

  4. Replies
    1. They are not eating grapes. They are wine grapes : ^ )


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