20 August 2015


When we went to have lunch on Sunday at Sur le Pont in Saint-Aignan, Jean asked if she could take a picture of Walt and me with my camera. We had just sat down at the table.

I think Jean got a pretty good picture of me, which is not always easy. I don't think Walt looks much like himself though. At least we're both smiling. It's rare that we have pictures of ourselves to put on our blogs. Many thanks to Jean.

And here's another shot of that view of Saint-Aignan from the restaurant seating area.


  1. Each of you looks natural and himself. Did you say chèvre for this portrait?

    1. Ici on dit « ouistiti » pour le photographe.

  2. Hey guys...
    it captures you both very nicely...
    it says "we're two happily married people... enjoying life!"

    On another note...
    I can see the church and the chateau in your header in the second picture...
    but were you up a building on the North bank of the river to come level?
    Or does the bank rise up the same on both sides?
    You were certainly further up river from the bridge where you were sitting with J&N....
    the lovely front of your chateau is square on in the picture above...
    and the church spires are further apart.

    The weather's a bit more friendly, tho'... innit?

  3. I can never remember ouistiti when the occasion arises. Nice pictures, both of you and of the view along the river.

  4. Since you blog separately and don't usually show photos of yourselves or each other, it's very nice to have a photo of you two together. Sounds like you had good company, a good meal, and a beautiful day in elegant surroundings.

  5. Great to see you two!
    That really is a lovely setting for that restaurant -- added bonus :)

    1. There I am at age 66 (and a half). Incroyable.

  6. It's been a while - the last one must have been in May 2012 if my memory serves me right :-)

  7. Nice picture of y'all and of the town.

    With the river next to you, and the awning, it almost looks like you are on a bateau mouche.

  8. Very nice to see you both as now, after the throwback photos earlier!

  9. I'm so glad I took that picture, it came out really well.


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