15 August 2015

My first Windows 10 post

I'm blogging in Windows 10 today. I applied the upgrade to my laptop yesterday. Until now, it was been running Windows 7. So far so good. I'm just going to post two recent sunrise photos this morning. I took the first one from the front terrace, and the second one out the back gate.

I find the look and feel of Win10 to be different from what I was used to in Win7. The keyboard reacts differently — it seems tighter, if that makes sense — and the screen looks sharper.

The browser I use to run the Blogger authoring tool — Firefox — seems to be running well, as does Photoshop Elements. Those are the important apps for me on the laptop. Bon weekend...


  1. Hi Ken ..great to see someone else using windows 10. My husband upgraded my PC last week. And since then I cannot blog from it. I can write a post but for some reason cannot get my photos on to the past . Luckily I told him to leave my laptop alone!! I will take another look but it is annoying.

  2. Love the colours in the first picture...
    and the perspective in the second...
    everything seems to be zooooming away into the distance!

    When you say the keyboard seems "tighter"... do you mean the keypresses react quicker?
    I've found that typing in 8.1...
    especially into Splodger...
    can be exceedingly slow...
    slow... slow...................

    And sharper images on the same machine?
    Now, that is very interesting to me...
    especially when working with images...
    do you think that they have altered the GNU?


  3. Hi Ken, I have been warned off converting to Windows 10 until they bring out a service pack as a lot of people are having problems with it. I hate Windows 8.1 but don't use my laptop much in England. Wonder if there is an end date to the free offer?
    May I introduce myself? I found and enjoyed your blog while looking for more info about Sainte-Aignan as it will be our French base from next spring. We are an English couple who live on the Isle of Wight but keep a touring caravan in France. Have been based near Poitiers for about 14 years but have arranged to store our caravan at Couffy from next April. We enjoyed the camping at Les Cochards for a week in late June this year (despite the heatwave) and are so looking forward to exploring your new and beautiful area more next year and for the foreseeable future.

    1. I'm not really having any problems with Win10 so far. I had to tinker with settings to get my laser printer working, but that's about all. It works fine now. We have American friends in Couffy, by the way.

    2. I started reading your blog from way back over the weekend and am very much enjoying the information about Saint-Aignan which pops up every few days. We have a long winter to get through now before we can come back and begin to explore in the spring. It was just too hot this summer so we hid under the largest tree on the campsite. Thank you. I will enjoy following you - and reading an American's slant on things.

  4. I do think your pictures look diferent from the usual, but is it just because you said so?
    Right now, I'm freezing in southern France after tne rains. Talking about rain, we had it from before Vierzon up to Cahors my final destination!

  5. Reassuring that existing software will work with it. I'm OK with 8.1, but hesitant about yet another change. Mind you, it's a very old copy of PhotoshopElements that came with my XP computer ten years or so ago, and I've yet to check if it will work with my printer and scanner. And then there's configuring a VPN when I'm travelling, which does appear to be problematic in 10. Isn't technology wonderful?

  6. The sky in the first photo is interesting

  7. thanks for the update on 10 - especially for blogger. i still cant figure out why they are so excited about giving it away for free - i'm much too suspicious. i never liked 8.1 at all so i have high hopes for 10.... as soon as i get over myself and install it.


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