04 August 2015

That blue moon

We had a blue moon on July 31. I didn't take a picture of it, though, until Sunday, August 2, when it was just past the full stage. It really did look blue.

The expression "blue moon" is used to describe the second full moon that occurs in the same calendar month, or the fourth full moon occurring in a calendar quarter (trimestre), which usually has just three full moons (one per month).

This year, the moon was full on July 1 and on July 31. The next blue moons — two of them — will occur in 2018. By yesterday morning, you could clearly see that the moon had started waning.

By the way, we finished the cleaning of the garage. I took two carloads of stuff to the recycling center, and now the car is full again with stuff that I plan to take this week to the charity shop called Emmaüs over in Romorantin.

It's too bad I didn't take any "before" pictures. Cleaning out the garage is obviously something we do only once in a blue moon. Take my word for it — the garage is a lot emptier and cleaner now than it was last week.


  1. I note that the bikes are still there and I presume still unused. Go for a ride with your camers and share the delight of a bicycle ride with us. Oh! and put them in the cat so you dont have to ride up that god damn hill of yours. Been there and done that.

  2. do y'all ride those bikes??

    1. We used to ride them and might again one day.

  3. So much space. Now you will be able to keep one car in the garage this coming winter

    1. We've always kept the car in the garage, especially in winter. But now we have two cars, so one is going to have to stay outside, under the carport. We'll see how that works out. If we really worked at it and got rid of even more stuff, or organized it better, we might be able to get two cars in the garage. The door is kind of narrow to make that really practical though.

  4. The second "just the moon" shot is very good...
    did you use a tripod... or is it hand held?

    And really, it is best I think, to photgraph the moon either side of full...
    that way you get the 3D effect you have from the side illuminated craters.
    Fhottigraphed full it always appears a bit like a cardboard cutout stuck on the background.

  5. Those moon pictures are beautiful, among the best I've seen this time.

    And congratulations on the clean garage.


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