16 August 2015

The State of the Vines

This post is just a little photo show of what the Renaudière vineyard is looking like in mid-August. The grapes are ripening rapidly and all the vines have been pruned to give them maximal amounts of warm sunlight.

I was just watching a news report about the severe heat wave affecting the U.S. Southwest. Temperatures in Phoenix AZ and Palm Springs CA hit 117ºF — 47ºC — yesterday. One of our neighbors is, I think, out there right now. Meanwhile, here in Saint-Aignan the weather has turned much cooler, with chilly mornings (13ºC or 55ºF on our thermometer right now) and pleasant afternoons. I'm sure this is ideal weather for the vines and the grapes.


  1. I would like to taste them yummy

  2. Beautiful! I'm glad you live near a vineyard.

  3. The grapes are picture perfect in that first shot.

    If your neighbor has never experienced that kind of heat before, it sure gets your attention. It is forecast to be 117 again today in Palm Springs. We will be around 90 F today in LA.

    Ken, there are still a fair number of homes and apartments here, built in the 1920s and 30s, without A/C. At one point, I lived in one. Of course, a lot of people get the window air conditioners. But near the beach, builders considered a/c an option until maybe 20 years ago.

  4. Ken, the heat is indescribable! Even the pool is hot. However, one of the great joys of this time of year is floating around the pool at night, after dinner, with friends and an icey vodka tonic! Somehow one manages.😀

    1. That late-night pool swimming does sound nice. It makes me think of swimming at night in the warm waters along the Carolina coast, back in my younger days.


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